PixelCryptor 1.2

Encrypt data securely by using pictures

If you're worried about the safety of your documents you should start using some encryption method to protect them. View full description


  • Very easy to use, especially newbies


  • No encryption options
  • Requires having the program installed to decrypt data


If you're worried about the safety of your documents you should start using some encryption method to protect them.

PixelCryptor is probably one of the best options for your first steps into encryption. It enables you to protect your private documents by combining them into a package that is then encrypted with any photo of your choice.

The pixel data contained in this photo is what the program uses to protect your documents, by creating almost endless, hacker-proof combinations. And whenever you want to decrypt your documents, simply open the package with your documents and select the picture you used to encrypt it.

PixelCryptor may not offer as many security options and encryption methods as other tools, but it's very easy to use and probably the best choice for encryption newbies. On the downside, anyone who you're sending encrypted data too will need to have it installed.

PixelCryptor is a fairly basic encryption tool, mainly addressed at novice users, which uses images to encrypt confidential data.


  • Improved: Enormous speed boost in encoding/decoding
  • Improved: Better memory management
  • Fixed: Bug fixes related to the file view
  • Added: New installation process
  • Added: Help file included

Encryption has been used for as long as people have been talking and wishing to keep their communications secret. Examples range from trans- position cyphers used by the Spartan military to more modern techniques like DES and AES.

Nowadays people have not one, but dozens of passwords. It can be hard to remember them, and you might lose precious data when you forget them. PixelCryptor offers a solution.

In PixelCryptor you choose a picture and use it to combine your files into a package. The pixel data is used to encrypt your data. The combinations are endless and hard to break.
Complex encryption, yet userfriendly

PixelCryptor offers an easy to use wizard to guide you PixelCryptor through the process of encryption and decryption. You are free to encrypt as many files you like. Be sure to save your picture, because just like passwords, when the key is gone the package is locked for good. No backdoor, workaround or crowbar will get you in.

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